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Why Choose Us?
Civil Defense Supply has been a key partner for many overseas training programs for over 20 years.
We offer only the very best in equipment and training.

What we can offer as a Training Partner

Civil Defense Supply Training includes all forms of tactical deployment based on well-proven methods used for the last twenty five years with well over 450,000 personnel trained world-wide in over 30 countries.

Training tactics and formations is an essential part of modernising any Public Order group or unit. The ARMADILLO Riot Shield offers very high levels of officer protection. By combining various designs your officers can create a barrier of long shields with short shields with side and top-cover.  From that fully-protected formation snatch-squads, tactical units and Less Lethal devices can be launched.

.Communications by spoken word, radio and hand-signals as well as GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE Command Structure training right up to Commander level ensures that formations are coordinated into effective tactical elements based on the whole-incident and not isolated parts.  CDS delivers the very latest methodology and equipment including front-line video telemetry.

We offer Public Order Training  and  Control and Restraint Training (prisons/corrections) , both physical and policy.

Public Order Training

Starting with the basic level 1 course then moving up

Train the Trainer

Working with existing trainers to expand on their knowledge and skills

Command Courses

All command courses including Bronze, Silver, Gold

Equipment Advice

We have over 30 years of sales in equipment and can offer impartial advice.