LEA, Corrections & Military CDU & Riot Equipment & Tactical Lighting CDU & Riot Training with E-Learning

US and International Experts in High-Performance CDU & Riot Personal Protective Equipment supported by Human-Rights United Nations Compliant Training including Less Lethal devices, SWAT and weapons used in Law Enforcement, Corrections and overseas peacekeeping

Members of every significant US Law Enforcement, US Standards, Technical and Training Committee in North America including IACP, NTOA & ASTM

Thirty years front-line operational experience in thirty-two countries internationally. Completely re-equipped and trained all United Kingdom police forces, all British Prisons/Corrections and all British Military since 1999. Australian from 2013 to 2016.

Created the world-famous Patented interlinking ARMADILLO riot shield, the most successful tactical shield ever made as well as creating its unique training concepts now in use worldwide.

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